Grow marijuana 103: Professional Growers Class – $495.00

In the Professional Growers class you will perform hands on all tasks needed to create a large scale garden for commercial purposes. The professional grow course focuses on increasing yield and decreasing grow time and cost.

You will be able to perform all tasks to maintain a larger scale grow room including setting installing and verify lighting circuits, and creating a ventilation and air filter system. Course includes installing watering systems, fertilizing routines, light schedules, and pest control. Selecting seeds and clones will be discussed. Methods to increase yield, improve quality, and shorten grow times will be emphasized.

You will setup a carbon dioxide system, hydroponics system and determining nutrients for different strains. Manicuring, drying and curing methods to improve quality and yield will be taught. You will create worksheets, case studies and grow room management forms. You will be able to budget, determine overhead costs, and forecasting income for your grow operation. Graduates receive a professional caregiver certificate and can obtain patients through the AMMA.

The course is 24 hours in length (2 nights a week for 6 weeks).

A Deposit of $100 is required to reserve a seat.