About Grassroots University

Letter from Our Director:

If you are looking at our website it is most likely because you want to grow or process cannabis but don’t know where to start. Most people turn to the internet but it is very hard to distinguish the professionals form the amateurs; all voices speak at the same volume. Â Most growers and bakers do not want to share their information or even the location of their operations.

GrassRoots University is the premier hands-on training facility with a proven method of successful growing for any size garden. We will train you on all aspects of growing and work with you to make you garden as productive as possible.

We teach all aspects of growing from cloning to harvest. We have soilless mix and hydro rooms, different types of lighting, you will apply nutrients, use CO2 systems, and install proper lighting and venting equipment for your grow room.

Here in Michigan there is a real need for growers who can grow medical grade marijuana. To properly grow, harvest and cure marijuana takes training and experience.

As we say here: Trail & Error is Expensive & Painful

Learn to grow the right way and get increased yields, decreased growing times, and much less backbreaking work. Graduates get 5 licensed MMMP patients, discounts at hydro stores around town that will equal or exceed tuition, and professional consultants to discuss grow problems with. The education you receive will easily outpace the cost. Most students say the recover the cost of the school from their first grow.

Our grow methods are proven to work. Come visit us and see what we can help you accomplish. We can make you a proud professional grower in 6 weeks. What are you waiting for? Start growing today!