Admin Classes

Our Administration Classes are designed to get you LEGAL. The first portion of the class is how to stay within the law on your grow facility, transfers, and operations. The second part of the class will estimate the cost of creating a custom grow room to fit your needs. If you are trying to decide if you … read more.

Grow Classes

Grow marijuana 101: Self Grow – $200.00 In the Self Grow class you will learn everything needed to create a home garden of twelve plants or less for personal consumption. This class is for the self starter who wants basic information on setting up or improving a grow room. We can help you get started quickly … read more.

Grow marijuana 103: Professional Growers Class – $495.00 In the Professional Growers class you will perform hands on all tasks needed to create a large scale garden for commercial purposes. The professional grow course focuses on increasing yield and decreasing grow time and cost. You will be able to perform all tasks to maintain a larger scale … read more.

Cooking Classes

Baking with Marijuana 101: Making Canna Butter and Oil $100.00 This course teaches you to make medical grade canna butter and oil. You will learn hands on how to extract the THC to make marijuana butter (canna butter) and marijuana oil (canna oil). Canna butter is perfect for cookies, brownies, and hard candies. Additional recipes that … read more.

This course teaches you to make medical grade edibles. of baked goods. You will learn hands on to make cookies, brownies, or rice krispies depending on your selection. Additional recipes that students can experiment with will be discussed. Prerequisite – Baking 101 The course is 4 hours in length. A Deposit of $50 is required to … read more.

Baking with Marijuana 103: Candy Class $100.00 This course teaches you to make medical grade hard candies. The canna butter and oil will be used from the 101 course to make a variety of suckers, lollipops and hard candies. Two methods of extraction for making cannabis alcohol tincture used in hard candies will be discussed. You … read more.

Hash 100: Making Quality Hash $150.00 In the hash making class you will learn different methods of extraction including flat screen, rotating drum and ice water (blender). You will learn hands on how to make hash using the extraction methods discussed. You will learn to press and properly store hash. The course is 4 hours in length. … read more.

Hash Oil 101: Making Hash Oil – $100.00 In the marijuana hash oil class the participant will use an alcohol method to create hash oil. You will learn hands on how to make hash oil using the methods discussed Proper preparation and storage will be discussed. The course is 4 hours in length. A Deposit of $50 … read more.

Learn how to safely make cannabis oils, weed extract and tictures. Classes include safety, ice water extraction, BHO and ISO extractions, dry collection and how to manipulate trichomes once they are collected. All students will be offered hands on training, as well as all necessary materials … read more.

Online Classes

We are in the process of editing the new Marijuana Professional Cultivation Course along with a couple of our other classes. Please check with us if you are interested in our campus class offerings in Marihuana Growing, Admin, Cooking and Baking … read more.